Here’s How To Choose The Best Fan According To Your Room Size

You can spot fans in every household in India. They are a necessity because they make the unbearable scorching summer heat a lot more tolerable. Indian markets are flooded with different types of fans available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. From ceiling fans to table fans, shopping for fans can be a daunting experience. One must keep a lot of factors in mind, room size being one of the most important factors. It is important to invest in the right type of fan based on your room size so there’s proper air circulation.

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Here is how you can choose the best fan according to your room size: 

  1. For Large Rooms

If you are planning to install a fan for a large room, consider installing a high-speed ceiling fan. This type of ceiling fan delivers excellent air-circulation throughout the room, owing to its high-performance motor. High-speed ceiling fans consume less power and are easy to maintain. They usually come with variants of-three, four and five blades. Invest in a high-speed fan with 3 blades because it will help in better air-delivery. If your room is rectangular shaped, you can install multiple fans. To achieve a better airflow, the ceiling height should be between 900mm to 1050mm. The following table will help you in understanding room measurements better: 

Sweep Size/Fan SizeRoom Size
1400mm sweep 160 to 250square feet
2 fans of 1050mm or 1200 mm sweeps160 to 250square feet

Along with high-speed ceiling fans, you can also use a table fan for efficient cooling. The table fan’s oscillation feature will enable the fan blades to circulate the air evenly in different directions.

  1. For Small Rooms

A ceiling fan is one of the most affordable and easiest ways of cooling your room. It makes the room windy and breezy. The power consumed by a ceiling fan is significantly less, and it also helps in lowering your electricity bills. When you are shopping for a ceiling fan, consider the dimensions of your room. As per the standard design, small fans will be suitable for smaller rooms. If you want to yield maximum efficiency from your ceiling fan, you must consider your room’s size to get the right ceiling fan. The below-mentioned table will be helpful:

Sweep Size/Fan SizeRoom Size
600mm /900mm sweepLess than 50 square feet
900mm/1050mm sweep50 to 75 square feet
1200mm sweep75 to 160 square feet

For small and compact rooms, you can also use a pedestal fan. Pedestal fans are portable electronic fans. They are electrically powered devices that are used for circulating cool breeze around the room. The most significant aspect of installing a pedestal fan in a small room is that it is incredibly lightweight and compact in size. You can move the fan from one position to another without any hassles. For a room with low ceilings, a pedestal fan is a perfect choice. 

  1. For Office Space

We have seen that offices usually have a small space with lower ceilings. In such a case, when even the floor space is an issue, it is advisable to opt for a wall fan. Wall fans are strategically mounted on the wall to provide you with air concentrated in a specific location. If positioned properly, wall fans can assist cross-ventilation of air in a room. Just like a ceiling fan, wall fans come in different sizes. Depending on your office size, you can choose the right size of the fan or the total number of fans you need to install. For an office where floor space continues to be a problem, a fan with 400 mm sweep would be perfect. If you are still unclear about the measurements, refer to the following table:

Sweep Size/Fan SizeRoom Size
600mm /900mm sweepLess than 50 square feet
900mm/1050mm sweep50 to 75 square feet

Before buying a wall fan, you also need to consider other important factors like speed, oscillation, and adjustable angles. 

  1. For Balcony and Outside Areas

For your balcony and outside areas like gardens, installing a wall mount fan can do wonders. These fans push air around the area where they are installed, thereby paving the way for cool air. 

Looking for a powerful flow of air in a limited space? You can also go for a personal fan. It’s a great cooling solution for small areas. 

Explore the Different Range of Fans

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