7 Ways to Use Labelers in Your Home

If you’re on a quest to declutter your environment and have a more organized space. A big question that often comes to mind is where to keep your things and more importantly how to find them. The solution to this problem is labeling. When you learn how to use labels well you will achieve an organized home in no time. 

A label is known as a piece of paper, metal, cloth, or any material that can be used to engrave a mark on a specific container. 

Labels are powerful. They ensure you know exactly where each item you own is located. They also help to facilitate the tidying up process as you incline to return an item to the place where you packed it after use. 

In this article, we’ll take you through seven ways to use labelers for your home to achieve a clutter-free environment. 

Make it effortless 

It’s important to make your labeling system easy and uncomplicated. For example, if you are placing things in one container, make sure they are similar and not too different. Using labelers to divide and section out items can make a huge difference. 

Use numerous labeling systems

Using the same labeling system for your office and home can be boring. You can use magnetic labels for the fridge in your kitchen and chalkboard paint for your arts and craft studio. It’s totally up to you, have fun and explore your creativity. 

Customizable use labels 

Although it’s easy to find label templates online. Using custom labels is highly recommended. These types of labels allow you to tailor-make them to suit your individual needs. 

Creating your own is simple. All you have to do is use a printer and word processor. You can also buy a label marker for as little as $30 on eBay or Amazon.

Pay attention to label color

Choosing a cooler scheme that is quickly identifiable is important. It’s a good idea not to go for RBG colors but rather use CYMK instead. Another tip, use a color scheme that stands out from the color of your containers. This will make them more detectable. Having a uniform color for all your labels is not favorable. So feel free to experiment with various color schemes. 


The aim of making things easier to find is to use a quick and easy-to-read font type. So don’t use any fancy font. Ensure the color of your font is distinct and contrasts well with the color of your label and container, so that is legible from a distance. 

Arrange your labels 

At times tagging all items is not possible – some objects have versatile uses while others are super special and need a single container. In this regard, you may place these items in containers with numbered labels and use a binder for all of them. 

The same system works when you own more than a single container with a specific item. For example, you could say cooking brushes and art brushes.

Label shapes

Being organized doesn’t need to be boring. You can experiment with various sizes and shapes for the labels you create. Instead of using conventional circles, squares, and rectangles. Throw in some clouds, animal shapes, and some stars here and there. 


When done properly, bringing the organization into your space can be fun too. It makes you function a lot better.

The tips above may not be adaptable for everyone. All you have to do is discard the parts that are irrelevant to you. Add to  your lifestyle and embrace the ones that are more fitting to your sense of style.

Let clutter be a thing of the past using a labeling system that works for your lifestyle needs. Who knows, maybe you have more space than you know – you’ll never know till you try!