6 Cheap DIY Backyard Tips to Do This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to do DIY backyard projects. A pallet woodworking project, from DIY planters, flower boxes, hanging plant pots, and swing to tables and chairs, is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family. You may also build a playground using recyclable materials. Of course, summertime also means growing beautiful flowers, vegetable gardening, and cleaning your deck. These summer backyard activities are easy to do and cheap.

Check out the following DIY backyard tips that you can do this summer.

  1. Clean Your Deck

An outdoor deck adds to the beauty of your home. It’s typically made of hardwood. It is porous, and it contracts and expands with changing temperatures. Because of this expansion, it allows grime and dirt to work their way into the wood over time. If you neglect cleaning your deck, it will appear dirty and start to rot, causing warping. Protect your deck and make it last longer by cleaning it. Here’s how to clean your deck:

  • Prepare the tools you need to clean your deck, including a broom, bucket, garden hose, stiff scrub brush, tarps, oxygenated bleach, and power washer (optional).
  • Remove all items on the deck, including planters, chairs, toys, and grills. If it’s not possible to remove everything, you can work on the first half on the deck and move the things to one area while you clean the other side.
  • Inspect the deck structure, including the ledger and flashing where the deck is connected.
  • Clean the exterior walls and deck railing using a broom to remove cobweb buildup. Sweep the top surface of the deck.
  • Pressure wash. Knowing how to clean your deck using a pressure washer helps prolong its lifespan.


  1. Create an Island Garden

Summer is a great time to start a garden. One great idea is an island garden. It’s a small garden that is easy to work with. Here’s how:

  • Use a sod cutter or spade to dig up unwanted grasses. Dig up all debris, rocks, and unwanted materials on the soil where you want to create the island garden area.
  • Create a small flower bed. Give your flower bed a fun shape with beautiful and flowing curves.
  • A good edge will prevent the lawn from crawling into your island garden. A trench should be created (about 8 inches deep) to stop the invaders (e.g., insects and other pests) from crossing.
  • Once you have attained the perfect shape for the flower bed, mark the edges or sides with a line of pebble or sand.
  • Site your plants by determining proper spacing for a beautiful and organized planting.
  • Plant succulents and flowering plants that are easy to grow.

  1. Build DIY Pallet Planters

Do you love the idea of hanging planters or layered planters that serve as garden walls or partition for your landscape? This summer, collect recyclable pallet wood from your backyard,  workshop, or local factory and work on an easy DIY pallet planter project. However, you need to take extra precaution when working with pallet wood because of the chemicals applied to ensure proper handling and transportation of goods. Here are some pallet preparation tips before starting a DIY pallet project:

  • Inspect the pallet to ensure they are safe to use. Check for the International Plant Protection Convention or IPPC logo which indicates the treatment code to determine if the pallet is safe to use. Without the IPPC stamp, use the pallet with extreme caution.
  • Prepare your other tools and materials, including a table saw, nails, paint, and a paintbrush.
  • Clean the pallet wood with a garden hose to remove any fertilizer or chemical buildup and let it dry overnight.
  • Research on DIY woodworking plan by downloading tutorials or guides online, such as Instructables and DIY Network.
  1. Create a Mini Pool Area

Even if you have a small backyard, you can still enjoy the heat of the summer by creating a mini pool area. Here’s how:

  • Purchase an adult-size portable pool so all family members can enjoy the water.
  • Design your backyard by placing a sunbathing area using recyclable materials, such as unused children’s play mat, oversized umbrella, and old chairs and tables.
  1. Build a Playhouse

Grab some pallet wood, plywood, and other available materials you can use to build a DIY playhouse. Your kids will love helping you build their cute summer playhouse. Here’s how:

  • Gather several pallet wood, plywood, or hardwood not being used at home; this is for the foundation of the playhouse. You also need a hammer, saw, and wires to secure the playhouse.
  • First, build the deck frame, attach the deck boards, and build the front panel (use 22 pieces of 1×6×8 ft. wood cut in 2×4 ft. length).
  • Next, build the back panels and the two side panels. You need to drill pocket holes into the ends of stiles to construct the panels. Attach the wood planks at the back and side panels.
  • Finally, attach the roofing supports.
  • You can also use leftover paint to make the playhouse colorful and beautiful. Use old blanket or curtains to cover the tables and chairs to make it look cozy.
  • Design the playhouse with old Christmas decors or home decors.
  1. Create a “Me” Place

You can turn your backyard into a peaceful and beautiful haven by creating your own “me” spot. It’s a perfect place to read a book or magazine, yoga, and exercise. You can build a “concrete” or “grass” yoga space in a rectangular or circular shape, just enough to accommodate you when you do your yoga session. Surround it with beautiful flower plants and hardscape elements, such as a small fountain, swan, or dwarf statues.


You don’t need to go out of town or go to the beach to have some fun during summer. You can stay at home and cook a delicious meal while your family members work on a DIY backyard project. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to build things like a playhouse, garden, or patio. Just be creative, resourceful, and think outside the box. Enjoy summer with the above-mentioned DIY backyard tips!