5 Things to Look Out for When Determining What Kind of Bug Bite you Have

Bug bites are the worst. Not only can they cause pain and discomfort, some people might even experience a dangerous allergic reaction requiring immediate medical attention. Knowing how to identify a which insect is responsible for a bite is key in this case, and the following tips can help you do just that.

  1. Itching and Scratching

Mosquitoes are a common warm-weather pest that seemingly prefer some individuals to others (typically people with type O blood or those who produce more urea in their sweat are more attractive). Their bites can be identified by an itchy white bump with a red dot in the middle. Because mosquitoes can carry pathogens that are known to cause illness, finding the right mosquito treatments is crucial.

  1. Bulls-Eye

Ticks are a well-known disease vector capable of passing on things like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (a bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms). Although it may not be evident for some time, a tick bite can often be identified by a bulls-eye rash. If your develop a rash and feel feverish or otherwise unwell, it’s best to seek out a doctor’s assistance.

  1. That’s Not Acne

With a painful bite, fire ants are nothing to laugh at. When bitten most people develop a rash that looks similar to an acne break out (i.e. a grouping of red spots often swollen with pus). Fire ants are usually found in lawns and parks, so be extra vigilant in those areas.

  1. The Tell-Tale Line

While they can look similar to mosquito bites, bed bugs are notorious for leaving a line of small red lesions on any exposed skin. These infestations are also notoriously difficult to remedy on your own. Accordingly, if you believe your home is infested it’s best to call a best bed bug exterminator immediately.

  1. Tiny Red Bumps

If you have pets, you know that protecting them against fleas is a constant concern. Fleas can also go after humans, and this is usually evident from tiny red bumps on the lower extremities. The best defense against these common pests is by preventing them entry in the first place, which entails treating your pets with the proper medication.

Concerned about pests where you live? In this case, a professional pest control technician is your best bet. Safeguarding your home and the people in it from insects will ensure a safe and comfortable season even as temperatures soar. Contact a pest control professional today to ensure your summer is insect free.