33 Weird Interior Designs

Moving into and setting up your new apartment or house is definitely one of the most exciting things. People have gone from caves to huts to palaces, to block of flats and today you can find example of anything. We’ve all got some ideas of how our dream home might look. Some of us have just want to have an indoor pool, while others want to have a staircase slide. No matter what it is what makes your future home original, we rounded up 33 weird interior designs you may find interesting.

These ingenious improvements run from aquariums to multifunctonal furniture and hidden storage space. Maybe you will finally find something that you have always wanted to see. So, let’s check these 33 weird interior ideas out and draw some inspiration. You can share your thoughts in the comments below!


Fairy aquarium bedroom design


Chandelier that turns the bedroom into a forest


Breathtaking indoor-outdoor pool


Swing set table to enjoy the meals with your family


Beach sand under your desk to enjoy the time spent in the office



Spiral staircase slide to make your home more entertaining zone


Awesome cat tunnel system for cat lovers



Creepy glass floor and an open shaft below your bathroom