15 Impressive Do’s And Don’ts Of Successful Furniture Arrangement

A loveseat instead of a sofa!

  • Loveseat on the diagonal,
  • two slipper chairs (2’8″),
  • round cocktail table (3×3)

Arrangement when having two large sofas!

  • Two large sofas (7’4″),
  • one rectangular coffee table (4 x 2)

Arrangement when having two loveseats!

  • Two loveseats,
  • round cocktail table (3×3),
  • one sidechair (1′ 0″).

Arranging the furniture around a corner fireplace!

  • The furniture placement should be directed toward the hearth.
  • Place furniture so sofas talk to chairs.
  • Add furniture or decorative elements into the corners of the room to cut off the room’s corners just as the corner fireplace does.
furniture arrangement

The above furniture arrangement tips are the right one that you should follow when decorating your living room. So, how about you share them with your friends to help them organize their living room in the right way?