Don’t Forget These Awesome Gadgets When you Go Camping

You’ve got a tent and a bag full of enormous marshmallows ready for your camping trip. What else could you possibly need? Well, if you want to make your time out in the woods easier, you can add these awesome gadgets to your packing list.  

Water Safety

You don’t want to buy cases of bottled water for your camping trip. First of all, those will take up a lot of room in the car and they’ll be a burden to carry to the site. Second of all, you’re going to feel guilty making so much garbage while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

To save yourself from bringing plastic water bottles, you can use the nearby lake or stream water. You can guarantee that it’s safe to drink by using a Lifestraw personal water filter to get rid of any bacteria, parasites or microplastics that could harm you. The device has been tried and tested around the world with incredible results. For more convenience, get one of their water bottles with a built-in Lifestraw. 

Bug Repellant

You’d rather not spray yourself in a cloud of DEET, but you don’t know how else to make it through a weekend of camping without getting covered in itchy bites. The spray smells terrible. It seeps into your clothes. And worst of all, it runs out faster than you’d like. 

If you’re open to a change, you can try Thermacell’s Zone Mosquito Repellant instead of depending on chemical bug repellant sprays during your next excursion. The gadget releases an odorless repellant in a 15×15 foot zone. Mosquitoes and other biting insects like black flies won’t even go near you. 

Phone Protection

You’re going to use your phone to give you directions to the campsite, to check the weather and to take pictures and videos of the experience. You’d hate for it to get roughed up in the great outdoors. That’s why you should get it some reliable accessories for protection. 

The first thing you should get is a Prism screen protector. The premium accessory can endure fierce impact, including a hit from a hammer — although, you should avoid doing this to any of your tech in general. If you want to equip your phone, you should check this out to see how to apply the specialized screen protector with a Stabilizer.

After getting the Prism, you should get a grip case so that your phone never slips out of your fingers. 

The tactile material will keep your device glued to your hand during hikes, boat rides and any other adventures. 

A Backup Power Source

If you’re going to be camping for a day or two, you can use a power bank to charge up any “dying” tech. The Anker PowerCore 1000 is considered one of the best portable chargers by PCMag because it’s compact, affordable and it gives your smartphone just enough juice to make it through another day. Something like the Mophie Powerstation AC packs a stronger punch because it can charge smartphones, tablets and any tech with an AC outlet at the same time. 

When you’re on a longer excursion, you should consider getting portable solar panels so that you can have a renewable power source in the middle of the woods. Whenever there is a clear sky, you can charge up your tech in a pinch. 

A Night Light

Even with a crackling bonfire, your campsite can get incredibly dark once the sun goes down. You’ll be lucky if you can make it to your tent without tripping over tree roots or stubbing your toe on protruding rocks. You need to bring a good night light.

You should try out a gadget like the Luminoodle LED Light Rope to safely guide you through the night. It’s lightweight and flexible design makes it the perfect tool for any camping activity.

Do you need a light in your tent to change into a different pair of clothes or read a book before falling asleep? You can easily hang the light rope inside the tent using ties or magnets. Do you need a portable light source to make your way through the trees when “nature calls”? You can put the rope into a pouch and use it as a lantern. And what if you want to go for a midnight dip in the lake? Bring the Luminoodle with you — it’s waterproof.

If you want to camp the old-fashioned way with just a tent, a hunting knife and your willpower to sustain you, that’s fine. But if you’d rather have a pleasant time in the woods without so much struggle, you should think about getting all of these gadgets before you drive to the campsite.