5 Common Home Repairs and Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks

The home buying process can be exciting and stressful at the same time, however, the real challenge is in keeping your home in tip-top shape. But if you master a few smart tricks, you should be able to keep your home clean, safe, and well-maintained. Here are a few home repairs and maintenance tips and tricks to get you started:

Repair Wobbly Chairs and Tables

Unsteady chairs and tables can be quite annoying. There are several ways of fixing wobbly furniture. For starters, take the furniture apart, and using a chisel, remove any excess wood or glue on joining parts. Once the joining parts are clean, apply some glue and reattach the parts. Alternatively, you can fix them using a penny by adding a drop of hot glue to a coin and attaching it to the problem area. The coin acts like a shim, which levels out the furniture piece.


Getting Smooth Sliding Drawers

A stuck drawer can stand in the way for your day-to-day essential activities. A few minutes of cleaning and lubricating sticking drawers can leave drawer slides to glide, looking and feeling almost as new. Lubrication can be done using soap, Gulf Wax, or a light spray lubricant. Simply rub the lubricant along any points of friction on the drawer, including the drawer slides. This allows you to get stuff in and out of your drawers with no difficulty.

Repair Curtain Rod Anchors

Curtain rod anchors are vital to the home’s interior design. Surprisingly, they are quite delicate, and if you pull on your curtains hard, curtain rod anchors can be pulled right out of the wall. The secret to preventing this problem is using Snap toggle and Toggle Bolts to link curtain rod anchors to the wall. Sometimes this problem can lead to serious damage to the drywall. Thankfully, you can seek out a second mortgage to finance such costly home repairs. Use Habito.com’s calculator to determine how much you can borrow.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Mold

Mold is caused by the hot, humid environment combined with fungus found in the bathroom. Bathroom mold can be pesky. There are a few quick and cost-effective ways to get rid of it. Since humidity offers the perfect breeding ground for fungus, start by simply opening the window or turn on the fun after showering to dry out the air. You can also use a mixture of mold-prohibiting spray to prevent bathroom mold. To make the mixture, you’ll need a spray bottle, tea tree oil or vinegar, and water. To get rid of existing mold, you’ll need a good scrubbing brush and baking soda.

Fixing Stripped Screw Holes

Screws can stop holding within a wood joint if the wood fibers around the screw threads are damaged. Unfortunately, even after removing a stripped screw, the hole may be too loose to hold another screw. Fix stripped screw holes by simply using a longer, wider screw, or drive toothpicks into the hole and re-drive the screw. Toothpicks are made of soft wood, making it easier for the screw to grip onto them.