Why Are Metro Tiles So Popular?

Tiles are one of the best options when it comes to flooring and walls. Tiles offer you a wide range of possibilities to decorate your house. One of the types of tile that is having huge success is the metro tile. This tile proves to be very versatile and can be used for many styles, from modern to vintage.

Even though they are proving to be a key trend at the moment, the truth is they have been around for many years now. Originally, metro tiles were more used for buildings such as hospitals – metro tiles were basically the practical tile. Their name comes from one of the main uses of the tile, given when they originated in the 1900s – this was the walls of the London Underground.

But as with many other things, metro tiles have evolved over time. Not only have they changed in terms of application, but also style. Their consistent evolution and manufacturing have enabled these tiles to be available on the market in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The most traditional way of using metro tiles at home is to lay them horizontally and with a gloss finish that gives as an iconic look with a beautiful shine. If you are looking for something more modern, you can install the tiles vertically. Similarly, you can match metro tiles with metallic furniture and accessories for an amazing industrial look. If you like something a bit different, you could try to pair metro tiles with a grout that presents a contrasting colour. For instance, you can use white metro tiles with a black grout, as this adds definition and is ideal if you are looking for a rustic vintage look.

One of the key features of this tile that has contributed to its popularity in thousands of homes, is that it is a very low maintenance tile. Because of this, metro tiles are not only good for bathrooms and kitchens, but they are suitable to use as a backsplash in the kitchen. This is because the wall behind the sink or cooking area are the most likely to get dirty, and metro tiles are suitable as they are easily cleaned.

Besides the trend of backsplash, there are other interior trends that can work very well with metro tiles. One of these is the chevron pattern – metro tiles that follow the chevron style work beautifully well in a house. The chevron design gives a sense of fluidity in walls and floors and gives an original touch and look of uniqueness to a room.

If you are looking to add style to your place, look no more, as metro tiles are just what you need! No matter what your favourite style is, or which colour you like the most, metro tiles are so versatile that they will always find a way to fit the look you want.