Ways to treat your friends this summer

Not being able to see friends has been one of the hardest things about lockdown life for many of us. We long to see each other again, but also to remind them that they’re still special to us, and that we haven’t forgotten them or their friendship.

How can we do this, especially if they live far away? Here are a few ideas…

Buy them an afternoon tea

If you can’t visit as often as you like, treat them and a friend to an afternoon in a beautiful garden with cakes, scones, jam, cream and perhaps a glass of bubbly or two. It’s probably the most British present you can buy someone, and a great way to express how special they are to you.

Treat them to dinner (home delivery)

This is where you need to use your subtle cunning to establish what their favourite restaurants are, and what they like to eat there (you may already know this, of course). Then tell them not to cook anything that evening and surprise them with a home delivery of lovely grub.

Bake something tasty

Who doesn’t like home baking? It’s a wonderful surprise to drop round at your friend’s house. Equally, there are plenty of sturdy things you can make (like flapjacks, rock buns and rocky road) that can survive a journey in the post, should you wish to treat them to the tastiest parcel they’ll ever receive.

Take them to your favourite picnic spot

Taking your friend to somewhere that’s special to you will make it special to them too… especially if you pack all their favourite food!

Have a wine tasting evening

Let the laughter flow as easily as the plonk. This can even be done remotely if you buy two mini bottles of several types of wine and send one batch to your friend’s home and keep the other for yourself, so you can enjoy them together via video chat. 

Send a photo memory book

You’re bound to have pictures of all your best times together on your phone. Collate them into one special album (annotations included) that they’ll cherish forever.

Send them chocolate

A chocolate gift will tick all the right boxes when it comes to sending something that’s both delicious and special. Perhaps combine a flavour they love with one they’ve not tried before, or even get your gift personalised.

Whatever you do for your friend this summer, they’ll love the fact that it’s come from you and that you’ve gone to the trouble of doing something special for them. They’ll feel good about themselves and your friendship, as will you.