Trending Now: Top 5 Cars and SUVs for 2021 and Beyond

The automotive industry has delayed the release of some new models, given the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Even so, car enthusiasts have a lot to be excited about. An appetite for new technology has led to futuristic vehicles as well as traditional options being thought of in a whole new way. Let’s have a look at the road ahead.

2021’s Most Anticipated Releases

Every year, JD Power and Associates releases a guide to the upcoming year’s cars, trucks and SUVs. We have picked a few fan favorites.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Zoom ahead to 2024, and behold Aston Martin’s new supercar. This is a car-lover’s futuristic dream come true. Instead of the usual engine placement up front, Aston Martin is featuring a mid-engine on this next-generation vehicle. This is a fairly drastic change. 

The Vanquish will have a layout similar to the upcoming Valkyrie and Valhalla hypercars, but will not cost millions of dollars. It is expected to cost a little bit more than $300,000 when it is launched, putting it out of reach for most, but certainly does not have the stratospheric pricing of some Aston Martin high-performance vehicles.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

There is a lot of excitement humming around Alfa Romeo’s very first hybrid. The luxury crossover SUV has Alfa’s trademark sharp nose, making it aesthetically pleasing. All-wheel drive and high seats are craveable features, and there is the potential for a Quadrifoglio model that has consumers on the edge of their seats. Details about the Tonale’s official release to car showrooms is still tentative, but put this under the category of coming soon.

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Zo6

The Zo6 will arrive in late 2021, and boasts more than 600 horsepower from its V8 engine. New features include bigger brakes, wider tires and suspension that has been newly tuned. Drivers will love the Zo6 for balanced performance without the huge price tag associated with comparable performance vehicles.

Volkswagen ID.4

This debuts Volkswagen’s adaptable all-electric MEB platform, which basically simplifies hardware for the VW electric powertrain. The design is very striking, resembling a large toy. But you won’t find this in your kids’ toy box. The elevated rear gives a strong posture and the interior is exceptionally bright because of a glass roof option. It should match most people’s average daily driving requirements with about 250 miles of driving range.

2021 4×4 Ford Bronco

The new Bronco has been being hyped for the last couple of years, and when photos were recently released, excitement grew to peak levels. The Bronco is a serious off-roader. Its most celebrated feature is it’s 7-speed manual transmission. Gearheads rejoice! On a sentimental note, the first Bronco went on sale 24 years ago. That’s quite a history.

A Final Word on Driving

As we put 2020 in the rearview mirror and look toward the automotive industry’s future, despite difficulties with manufacturing and financial limitations, the up-and-comers look amazing. The goal of this list was to provide you with an idea of what’s to come, ranging from high-performance cars to new releases of old favorites.

Regardless of your taste in vehicles, driver safety should always be front-and-center. Losing your beloved automobile in a wreck can be devastating, and sometimes what a car accident settlement is worth does not cover the entirety of your initial investment. 

The good news is that vehicles of the future come equipped with enhanced safety features, which makes driving fun and safer than ever. Technological enhancements, streamlined design, and better fuel economy are setting the stage for a truly remarkable landscape.