Tips for Planning a Halloween Party on a Budget

Nothing makes Halloween more fun than a scarily fun party. And you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the festivities. You also don’t have to break the bank. Pick up a few of our tips for throwing a Halloween bash on the cheap that the whole neighborhood will want to be a part of.


Think black and orange

Whatever location you decide on having for your party can be improved by adding black and orange to the decor. Use black sheets and tablecloths to cover furniture, tables, and lamps. If you don’t have them lying around, you can hit the thrift stores for used sheets and the clearance aisles at the craft store for fabric remnants. You can also serve your snacks on plain orange plates and cups, which will cost much less than themed paper goods.

Go easy on the snacks

Don’t try to serve a nine-course meal at your party, or even a two-course meal. Your guests will likely be snacking on their kids’ Halloween loot by the time they arrive anyway. Stick with cheap, easy-to-make snacks that everyone will love. You can even opt for super simple treats like chips and dip and homemade cupcakes.

Send electronic invitations

Digital invitations are so common now that it’s almost shocking to get one in the mail. In fact, etiquette dictates that unless it’s a party where you’re expecting a gift (i.e. weddings or graduations), then e-vites are perfectly OK. So forego the cost of cute invitations and stamps and design a spooky email to forward with a click.

Set up some games

If you’re planning a Halloween party in advance, you’ll have time to come up with some fun, easy-to-set-up games for the big night. Make sure you keep your guests’ age range in mind and buy some inexpensive prizes like glow sticks and other novelty items. Also, remember to separate your game area and snack area to avoid messy mishaps.

Double up on holiday decor

There’s bound to be something in your Christmas decorations box you can use. One example is white christmas lights, which you can place under your black tablecloths for a ghostly glow. Others include tissue paper or old ornaments you can spray-paint. Some people even put their Christmas trees up early and decorate them for Halloween. A little imagination will help you use what you’ve got on hand.

Safety first

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget about the important stuff like protecting your home and your family. Of course you want to make sure your kids take safety precautions while trick-or-treating, but you also want to make sure you and your home are covered in case of catastrophe. No one wants to think about legal and safety matters before they have to, but purchasing homeowners insurance in New Jersey is an inexpensive and wise investment. Imagine what would happen if someone were injured at your party and decided to file a lawsuit, or if you had a small house fire that damaged your property. Homeowners insurance will protect you in both cases and many more.

Partner up

One of the best ways to save money is to get some neighbors to partner up for a block party. Ask a few of your favorites if they want to lend a hand. You can ask them to bring their favorite snacks and share their decorations. Not only will that take a little of the load off of you, but it will ensure more guests come to your party. The more, the merrier!