Smart Tricks To Increase Productivity In Your Office


Achieving more output with less input is the thing that every company requires from the employees. The working environment is one important factor that dictates the productivity level. When doing more with less has become a must, it is time to check if the office itself can help you increase productivity.

Yes, it is true that the office interior can stimulate people to work better. Some key factors such as lighting and decoration can be easy to implement, and will result in happy and effective people. Read on and find out how to do it!

Appealing Surrounding

Studies show that the decorations in the office can increase the productivity by staggering 15%. Implementing visually appealing elements in the space can brake down the feeling of “sterile”space and bring positive vibes.

The easiest way to do this is to decorate with greenery. A few pots with plants will bring freshness, and don’t forget that they will act as air purifiers too. Certain types of plants such as Philodendron, Lady Palm, Bamboo palm, and English Ivy, are known to remove toxins from the air.

When using decorative object to enhance the space, you should have in mind a a few things. Color psychology proves that colors can increase the productivity. Blue color is known for the mind-stimulating ability, so make sure that you use it in rooms associated with mind-work. Yellow increases the creativity, so this one is a must for brainstorming rooms. If you need a boost of energy for physical work, then red is the one that you should give a try. Implement these colors as decorative objects, or as wall color. You should also consider the reception area, restroom partitions, and other office amenities for a superior experience and improved sense of work environment.


Clean And Clutter-Free Space

A clean and clutter-free working space can maximize the productivity in the work environment.Investing in office cleaning services Spokane means that the work space will look tidy and clean every day. This will result in clean and bacteria-free space, that will significantly improve people’s health.

Having piles of paper and visible cords around can really have an impact on the productivity. The truth is that clutter around your work space can make people feel stressed. To increase productivity, stick to minimalist interior. Also, do not forget that the implementation of smart clutter storage solutions will make the space visually attractive.

Inspirational messages should be present, for the moments when you are feeling down and lack inspiration. This is a simple, but effective way to increase the motivation.


Proper Lighting

Good lighting will boost the energy, and therefore increase the productivity. Natural light is so important, as it stimulates the brain to produce chemicals which keep it alert.  Avoid blocking the source of natural light and take advantage on  sheer window treatments.