Must-See Tips And Tricks For Efficient Furniture Arrangement

Right size for your coffee table

The size of the coffee table will mainly depend on the size of the sofa. So, since most sofa seats are 17 to 20 inches high, the coffee table should be 15 to 18 inches high. And the space between the sofa edge and coffee table should be around 18 inches, so that you can easily reach drinks and snacks.


Art hanging tips

When hanging artworks or mirrors in groupings on the wall, leave 2 inches between frames. And the optimal height for hanging larger pictures and mirrors is 60 inches to the base.


Smart bedroom layouts

Here are four different layouts for your bedroom that will help you create the atmosphere you like and thus get the most of the space available.


Tips for hanging curtains

When hanging curtains, the rod should be hung 10 inches above the window and 13 inches beyond the window on both sides. This is like a formula that you must follow.


How high you should hang the light fixture

There is also a rule of how high to hang a light fixture. It should be 30 to 36 inches above the dining table. And in case the ceilings are taller, choose to hang on the higher side.


Where to hang the toilet paper holder?

And the last tip for today is of the right height of the toilet paper holder. It should be 26 inches to the base and 8 to 12 inches distances from the toilet rim.

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So, did you find these tips and tricks for furniture arrangement useful?