Move Like a Pro: A Simple Guide to Relocating to Australia

People who want to be in place where life expectancy is rising, crime is low, and where education is prioritized are setting their eyes on Australia. This makes sense as a recent study stated that this country’s quality of life is among the highest. In fact, Australia came in second, and that makes it the go-to place to relocate, but relocation is not as simple as one might imagine.

No move is easy, but a move from one country to another is on another level, meaning you have to be prepared for the move. The following guide should help you relocate with ease because no one needs stress with such a move.


Will Pets Really be Okay?

Everyone has probably told you to take care of your visas and make sure that you’ve explored the region where you are moving to, but many people tend to overlook pets. Moving to another country with pets is not as simple as you might imagine.

Your pet is part of your family, which Australia understands, but the country takes its ecosystem seriously. This is the reason you need to make sure that you have the proper paperwork to import your pet into the country. Look at the step-by-step guide provided by Australia’s government, and talk to your vet to be sure.

Bringing Along The Car

The next thing you may want to address is your car. Sure, there are cars in Australia that you can buy, but you’ve got a perfectly good car you are thinking of bringing along. Well, this is not necessarily impossible, but there is a process you must go through. For example, you are going to need a Vehicle Import Approval that can be obtained from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Your vehicle is going to have to pass the vehicle standards set by Australia, like whether or not you are going to be driving on the country’s correct side of the road. It may also be important for your vehicle to pass certain eco-friendly standards, which are relatively high in Australia. It may sounds like you have a lot to do in order to import your vehicle, but it shouldn’t feel too strenuous if you begin this process early enough.


Rethink Your Electronics

Moving to Australia may also give you an electrical-related shock because your electronics may not be compatible. This is not to say that they will not work, but your plugs may not fit Australia’s electrical outlets. Make sure your electronics can be converted, unless you simply want to buy a few converters for your home.

The problem with converters is they are a little bulky, so it might be strange to have a house full of them. Some people simply sell all their electronics and replace them when they arrive to the country, which is definitely an option you can get behind. If you are going to be selling your electronics, make sure you start early so you have enough time to wait for the sale and earn the most money from each item.

Addressing the Little Things

You probably already secured a good moving company, and you have to make sure you do that with ample amount of time, but sometimes small things are overlooked. One of those things is your clothes. Yes, your clothes can give you a bit of a headache when you get to where you are going if you have leather. Now, manufactured leather is usually acceptable in Australia, but genuine leather is not and will have to be cleaned at your expense once you land.

Another thing that is sometimes overlooked is unprocessed wood. Those who love to collect natural furniture, which is quite popular, may have to leave those pieces behind. Natural and unprocessed wood needs to be disinfected, just like genuine leather. You are going to have to pay out of pocket as well, so make you look through your belongings, and consider if you really want to bring these items along. As mentioned earlier, Australia really does care about its ecosystem, so it takes these kinds of precautions.

Understanding Your New Environment

Another thing you want to do is understand your new environment before you move there so that you are better prepared. You probably have maps to help you get around. You may even have a few important sites marked, such as the grocery store, but sometimes the overall environment is overlooked. For example, those moving near the coasts of Australia may have to deal with sandflies, which are blood-sucking bugs that you can deal with with the right repellent.

You should also pay attention to the weather and how comfortable or uncomfortable you might be if you do not take the right steps. For example, those moving near Melbourne may want to consider opting for the Geelong mattresses, which is specifically designed to help make you feel comfortable in that environment. Australia’s weather jumps extremes, and a breathable mattress can help keep you warm or cool when you need it.

A guide like this can make this move a little easier on you and your family. You already have a lot to worry about, so take your time with this; make a list ahead of time so you do not miss a beat and move like a pro.