Gabion Raised Beds You Need to See

There are numerous ways to incorporate gabions in your landscaping. For instance, you can try to make a gabion bench, pond, fence, wall or fountain that can delight and surprise the eye! But, I need to recognize that gabion raised beds are definitely my favorite.

If you want to grow veggies and fruits in your backyard, then why not to do it in some elegant way? These raised beds here are filled with rich, well drained soil and ensure better drainage. The best part is that you can work more efficiently and control the weeds easily, without sweating!

garden bed7
garden bed8
garden bed3

So, what do you think about these gabion raised beds my dear people? Do you find them attractive and charming? Which design do you like the most and would you like to incorporate in your space? Share your comments with me! If you have some other suggestions or ideas, please share them too! I would love to see everything you have to show me!