Five Things You Didn’t Know Could Add Home Luxury

Whether a renter or a homeowner, many people make sure they put personal touches and great care into their humble abodes. Whether you’re currently searching for a new home or not, however, it can be quite the thrill to daydream about what your ultimate luxury home would look like. Palatial mansions and townhouses come with stunning views, amazing amenities, and superb finishes that simply ooze quality. It’s only natural to imagine what it’d be like and how much it’d cost for you to live in such a home. 

Some of these luxurious features, however, have become overhyped in recent years. Listing descriptions and professional pictures advertise a seemingly unattainable level of opulence that, on closer inspection, is quite simple. There are a lot of small things that you can do to add a luxurious touch to your home without breaking the bank. If done the right way, the following five things can elevate your home into something beyond basic.

1. Refresh Your Linens

Sometimes the most apparent features aren’t the ones that offer the most return on your investment. For example, having vast, fresh, and crisp sheets is one of the best things about staying in a luxurious hotel. As such, if your goal is to bring a similar type of luxury into your bedroom, you can start with a sheet makeover. Pure linen or Egyptian cotton sheets are some of the most affordable and luxurious options. You can also throw in some soft, clean towels into the mix to add a relaxed look to your bathroom. 

2. Balance Your Lighting

Instead of solely relying on harsh and sterile overhead lighting, you can spread out lights around each room to make it feel more upscale. Adding a lamp to your foyer console is an excellent way to add a welcoming ambiance, especially during the darker winter months. Indirect lighting using wall-mounted up lights or recessed LED strips also creates a versatile mood in living areas. You can also DIY some LED lighting onto your staircase rails and inside closets. 

3. Upgrade Your Heating

Nothing ruins a luxurious home atmosphere than stepping out from a hot shower onto an ice-cold floor. If you want your house to radiate lavishness, consider installing underfloor heating to your bathroom. This feature is generally considered high-end, and will even significantly bump up the value of your property. But how does underfloor heating work and is it compatible with your current heating system? Pipes carry hot water from a boiler, such as the combi range from Alpha Boilers, and run it around pipes in the floor. If the water cools down on its journey back, a sensor determines any temperature changes. The boiler then reheats the water just enough to keep your feet and body warm to the core. 

4. Waterfall Shower

If you take a shower every morning, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Throw out your regular showerhead and install a waterfall shower to get the ultimate early morning 10-minute experience. A waterfall shower is mounted in your ceiling to provide a relaxingly drenching effect when you take a bath. Waterfall showerheads come with various settings, so you can choose between coarse or fine water drops. You can also adjust pulsation levels and enjoy a refreshing water massage. 

5. Add Some Art

The bare walls around your home may be untapped opportunities to add a luxurious feel on the cheap. Art doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can purchase reasonably priced paintings from up and coming artists. Who knows, you could end up selling your piece for thousands in a few years. Another option is to simply get a canvas print at local art shops or online. When in doubt about the size of the print, go big. A large canvas will make a significant impact and yet feel calm and streamlined.