Fine Art America – How To Set The Mood In Your Bedroom Through Wall Art

Does anyone want to wake up in an empty, plain and white box room? I don’t think so!

Decorating our interior is of crucial importance since it plays a huge role in the way we feel. If you feel like your living space is draining you, is not making you feel good, full of energy or just comfortable, it’s most likely lacking some important wall art that will set the mood.


Are you ready to plunge into some great tips that will help you enliven your room?

Choose the right style

This is one of the first and most important tips that you will find here. If you miss to get the style of your artistic pieces right, you will get the whole decoration in the room wrong. 

Don’t embrace blindly the art that is currently trending if you don’t like it. The style of it should depend solely on your own preferences. Surround yourself with things that you’d like to be seeing every day. Think about art that sparks a special memory or has a unique meaning to you. 

Add posters, art prints or tapestries that will enhance feelings of calmness and tranquility. Don’t go for something that is over stimulating and that will get your mind going in tons of different directions everytime you look at it.

Choose the right size

Once you get the style right, the next tip in the queue that you shouldn’t miss is to get the size right as well. This has proven to be even more difficult than choosing the art itself, and lots of people end up having decorations that don’t achieve the effects they were supposed to. 

The professionals from this field often give this advice: “When in doubt, go bigger!”. In this way the art pieces will have a bigger impact.

Think about your existing decor

If your bedroom has all those big furniture staple pieces but it lacks those small details that will set the mood, it’s time to do some decorating. 

Take a look around you and your existing decor. The decorations have to match with it in order to fit with one another. 

The options that you have are either to go with a color palette that exactly matches the current hues, or to go for some contrasting colors that will make a bold statement. 

Choose the right spot for displaying the art

The wall over the bed or the wall opposite the best are the best spots for hanging the artistic pieces. If you have embraced large pieces make sure you set them on eye level. 

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall for the whole day,right? If you feel helpless with your room decor, I hope that these tips have helped you a bit. Have fun while choosing the art that you will display in your bedroom and let your personality shine. It will add dimension to your room and will evoke the feelings that you were longing for. Wall art can make such a difference in your home, so don’t even think about skipping it!