Easy Ways to Regain Your Hair Volume

One of the gravest struggles that most people, especially women dread is the problem of hair fall and hair thinning. Undoubtedly, hair is one of the critical features of your body that enhance your overall beauty and define your personality. Unfortunately, they are also challenging to take care of and require a lot of attention and care. The contaminants in the environment, the food choices and lack of nutrition and chemically loaded products all combine to contribute to damaging the hair health and strength.

It is not possible for everyone to spend hundreds of dollars and hours to get excellent hair treatment. Even if they do, many of those tall claims are merely marketing gimmicks. They can often make the situation worse. Most people often resort to chopping their hair off, but the problems return sooner or later. Most people do not know that you can still regain all your hair health without investing a fortune and your precious times in salons and inexpensive products. Here are some easy tips to save you’re here from further damage and regain all their health.

Fix Your Diet

Your hair needs nutrition just like any other part of your body. It loses its health if it does not get the adequate amount of the required vitamins. People who follow weight loss plans or eating disorders often struggle with hair loss, and that is because their hair does not get the necessary vitamins and protein. Make sure you have protein-rich diet plan along with fruits that provide the essential vitamins for your hair growth.

Additional Supplements

At times even the best of diet lack some vital nutrition or other chemical imbalances in your body eat up the nutrition that your food is providing. Taking additional supplements can help filling up that shortfall. Biotin and Omega-3 are essential supplements that play a vital role in hair strength and growth and are readily available at any drugstore.


You know how plants need watering and availability of moisture to grow? Oiling provides that much-needed moisture for your hair. Most people who struggle with dry, damaged and thin hair usually do not oil their hair/ Oiling your hair before every shampoo also helps to protect your hair from the direct effect of the harmful chemicals. Make use of oils that suit the climatic conditions and your hair type. Oils such as Coconut, mustard, almond, and argan are best for hair growth and volume.

Hair Masks

You do not need to spend a considerable amount of money at salons for protein treatments. Use homemade hair masks religiously at least once a week. Make covers using yogurt, lemon juice, and eggs and apply it on your hair for two hours. If you are not comfortable with using food-based masks, grab a bottle of any regular mayonnaise, apply it on your hair and shampoo it after thirty minutes. You will notice a difference instantaneously.

Using the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

No matter how chemical-free regime you follow, but you will have to use those shampoos and conditioners at the end of the day. Invest in the best volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but make sure you focus on the ingredients when making the purchase. Try to look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioner that have added benefits of biotin. Sulfates are one of the most damaging components for your hair, but unfortunately, they are found in most common brands.