Color Trend: How to Decorate With Blush Pink Tones

Apparently pink, especially blush pink, is having a renaissance right now and is a great tone for bedrooms in particular. The colour seems to be especially popular among millennials, which makes it a great choice if you’re trying to sell a home and make rooms more attractive to millennial buyers. Or simply if you like pink and would like to incorporate it in a room the right way. Here are a few tips on how to decorate any room with blush pink tones.

Add Florals

One of the best ways to decorate with blush pink is by using either real or fake flowers. Pink flowers will add a romantic, almost regal feel to any room. If you want to make a dining room or kitchen look more elegant, you can add peonies or roses to a table and make it pop. You could also go with flowers in deeper and brighter pink tones. But make sure to use real flowers if it’s for a dining room.

Mix Finishes and Textiles

Using the right finishes and fabrics is also very important when decorating with pink. The tones you pick will also have to be adjusted depending on the room. Bright pink might work better for a girl’s bedroom, but more subdued hues like coral might be better suited for the living room, for instance. Alternate natural textiles and matte finishes for a more artisan look. Mix and match using earthy tones as well to create a tranquil atmosphere. Also, learn how to use other colours and materials that can complement the pink tone you’re using. Grainy oak works particularly well with coral pink, along with pale neutrals such as light grey, sand, and stone. A limestone wall clock or a grey one with black and & white accents would work perfectly over a matte coral pink wall. If you want to know where you could find clocks like these, OH Clocks sells them.

Use Pink Blush Curtains

You don’t necessarily have to use pink blush across the room. Blush pink curtains over a matte beige wall could add a whimsical touch to a living room. Pink blush curtains are also great for all white rooms as well. You could add a classic chandelier and oak furniture for the perfect Alice in Wonderland look.

Accentuate Coffee Tables

Use your coffee table as a focal point and use accessories to accentuate the room. No need to go wild there. You could accessorise them with a few fake flowers or a fake or real peach bowl. Rose toned candle holders or bowls could be used to complement pink toned throw pillows and bring a sense of cohesion to the room.

Pink Neutrals

The idea of using any kind of pink as a neutral might sound like blasphemy to some, but there are pink blends out there that will allow you to do so. You could use a greyish-blueish subdued pink as a neutral for kitchen cabinetry. Complete that with sailor-striped white and blue curtains, a stainless steel range and appliances, and marble countertops, and you’ll have a professional and elegant looking kitchen. Add an oak wood kitchen island with overhead lighting and you’re good to go. You should also try unique pink combinations and hues as well. Powdery pinks are a great choice for furniture and can add a very chic and modern vibe to a room. Pink with grey walls is also a very common combination and is a great choice for a bedroom.


Blush pink is a vibrant and beautiful colour that can work in a wide variety of settings. Let your imagination run free and add a little pink in your life today!