Amazing Log Cabin for $56,000

Log cabins were historically built from logs and then laid and interlocked at the ends using cog joints. They are a symbol of humble beginnings for settlers. Country log cabins in western style are beautifully built, and represent nature with elk, bears, whitetail deer and trees. And if you are looking for an inspiration to build your own log cabin, you can find million examples on Net.

Those who are looking for a stunning as well as spacious home should definitely see this $56, 000 log home (Kit Price) below. It is decorated with natural elements and luxurious wooden floors. The truth is that this type of homes are much warmer and more comfortable than regular concrete homes with cold walls. And I need to mention that they are also more sustainable and a smaller investment.

$56 000 Log Cabin


log-cabin-idea2 log-cabin-idea3 log-cabin-idea4