8 Beautiful FishYou Should Have In Your Fish Tank

Aquariums have been a part of household decorations, or a person’s hobby to store fish to satisfy the dreams to observe and see different species of it. They are known as the ultimate decoration due to the extravagant ambiance it brings to the atmosphere. The fishes and other sea creatures that are swimming in the water bring peace and enjoyment to the owners.

With a diverse and multiple fish species you can select from, apparently, you will get confused about what you will be purchasing to include in your fish tank. In this article, we will talk about the beautiful species of fish that you should purchase for your aquarium. For other related discussions, see some articles at Kings of The Aquarium for more information.

  1. Butterflyfish
  • Butterflyfish is one of the most common aquarium fishes you can find in almost every fish tank. It has beautiful colors that truly please everyone who can see it. The behavior of these fish is very calm, and they can have bright colors of yellow, orange, red, and blue. Their body has a black chevron-like pattern and this fish can easily adapt to aquarium life.
  1. Clownfish
  • If you have watched Finding Nemo, then you probably already know how cute and adorable this fish is. These fishes are known for their unique look, made from the orange, black and white colors on its body. They are a popular species of fish that thrives symbiotically with an anemone. And because of its beautiful appearance, it is the most recognizable fish.
  1. Mandarinfish
  • Mandarinfish is entitled the most beautiful fish in the ocean. They are native in the Pacific Ocean, inside lagoons and inshore reefs. They can inject toxic mucus to anyone they can have contact with due to the spikes they have on their body. The unique ability of this fish is that it can produce its own blue coloring. The patterns it has on the body make it unique and beautiful.
  1. Lionfish
  • In North America, these fishes are considered a threat to the native fishes there. They do not have any natural predators and they eat native species there. They are native to the Pacific Ocean and can cause illnesses to humans. However, their feathery fins make their beautiful fish. These fins are also venomous, but the venom it has is not fatal.
  1. Regal Tang
  • Accompanying Nemo in the film ‘Finding Nemo’ is a Regal Tang, which is commonly known as Dory. These fishes are known for their bright blue color and oval-shaped body. Their color also changes as they grow, turning into a much darker blue. The blue hue of their body makes them beautiful fish.
  1. Angelfish
  • Angelfish is one of the most popular fishes due to its awesome colors and patterns. There are a variety of angelfish species like the Regal Angelfish, Flame Angelfish, French Angelfish, and Juvenile Emperor Angelfish that possess an attractive color and body pattern. These fishes are easy to take care of and some of its species’ color can change as it goes into adulthood.
  1. Seahorse
  • You might be wondering why Seahorse is included in this list, well they are actually fish. These fishes are known for their unique body structure and bright and gorgeous colors. Most people are mesmerized by the cuteness of these fishes, and it is suitable to be included in your fish tank. However, they are not that common to be found on sale in pet stores.
  1. Betta Fish
  • Another popular aquarium fish has bright colors and a unique tail shape. These fishes, however, are expensive due to their appearance, especially the fan-like tail. They are also aggressive. Selective bred Betta Fish and wild Betta Fish are different in terms of their color since wild Betta Fish needs to adapt to their environment to survive.


There are some of the beautiful fishes you should have in your fish tank. Not only are they pricey but also add to the looks of your aquarium due to their attractive and gorgeous colors and appearance. Furthermore, in adding them to your aquarium, you should be knowledgeable in taking care of them as some of them are sensitive, aggressive, or must meet certain conditions for them to thrive in your fish tank.