6 Useful Tips for Wedding Guests

Are you attending a wedding soon? Whether it’s your best friend, sibling, or cousin getting married, there are some things you should know before attending the big day. Here are some tips to make sure your time at the wedding is enjoyable for everyone involved.

The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that many people only get to experience a few times in their lives. Wedding guests should attempt to make the day extra special for the bride and groom, especially if they are close family members or friends.

Here are six tips for wedding guests:

1. Dress Well

Dress appropriately for the weather and for the time of day. Remember to dress your best, but make sure it is not too formal or too casual. If you are the groomsman, consult with the groom before dressing in order to avoid putting him in an uncomfortable situation between you and another groomsman.

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2. Bring Gifts 

If you have an invitation to a wedding shower, be sure to bring a gift. The bride’s registry may still be available, so be sure to check before buying! If not, choose something within your budget, such as evening gowns that you know the couple will enjoy or need. You can always get them housewares or nuts and bolts if they just moved into a new apartment together. You should wrap gifts individually and clearly label gifts with the name of the person who gave it to you, so that they can easily get returned if necessary.

3. Send Thank-You Notes

It is very important that wedding guests follow up their attendance after the wedding or bridal shower. The couple will appreciate a handwritten thank you note or an email expressing your gratitude for being invited and for all of their hard work putting together the event.

If you cannot make it to the wedding/shower, send your congratulations along with another gift (if applicable). Even if you regretfully cannot attend due to schedule conflicts, get in touch with the bride and groom soon after they return from their honeymoon!

4. Behavior

Do not discuss other wedding guest’s behavior. Do not drink excessively or take drugs before the wedding, as it will reflect badly on you and possibly others who are attending/have attended the event. It is always good to have a friend there with you, especially if she/he does not know other guests at the party very well. 

If someone makes you uncomfortable, talk to them about your concerns or tell someone else in authority. Be polite to wait for staff and do your best to help clean up after yourself during the reception. This shows respect for everyone who got involved in making the day possible!

5. During the Event

When attending a wedding event, try not to bring up controversial subjects like politics or religion. Instead, focus on topics more suited for social events. Keep your phone on silent mode during the ceremony (or better yet, leave it at home). 

Try not to monopolize conversations- allow every guest at least one chance to speak without interruption! Be considerate of ceremonies lasting longer than normal because of emotional speeches; schedule bathroom breaks accordingly.

6. After the Event

Remember to say congratulations! Send the bride and groom a wedding gift to please their housewarming party/receiving line. If there is another event being held soon afterward, attend that as well or come to one of their parties during holidays! 

Remember that these people were important enough for you to spend your time with them at their wedding- keep in touch with them after it’s all over. Be sure to congratulate the bride and groom again on their marriage at least once every year leading up to their first anniversary (on social media, perhaps)!