5 Trendy Home Decor Tips For A Leased Apartment

SourceWhether or not you can afford renovations, changing up things in a leased apartment can be a bit challenging. You can’t make too many changes; even painting a wall or driving in a nail could cause you to lose your security deposit. 

This is why it’s best to consider some non-permanent, even portable changes that wouldn’t permanently alter the look of your apartment.

Not sure how to accomplish this?

Let’s have a look at some useful home décor tips.

  1. Use The Walls Creatively


Those bare white walls shouldn’t limit your imagination. Most landlords won’t let you paint the walls in the way you like, so hang up several picture frames to create your personal art gallery. These could include photos, art prints, postcards, or anything else that holds meaning for you.

Of course, driving too many nails into the walls can bring the landlord’s wrath upon you. Stick to mounting tape, clothespin lights, and other techniques to hang your art. You can also cover the walls with some inexpensive bookshelves and use those for creating your colorful surroundings.

  1. Make A Statement

You may not have much time on your hands, nor do you want to clutter up your tiny space. In such cases, it’s a good idea to invest in some statement furniture. This doesn’t have to be a costly canopy bed or a humongous dining table. Get some gorgeous accent chairs—even one of these will instantly upgrade the look of your living room.

Other choices may include an interesting console or side table, some lovely framed original artwork, or anything else that stands out. You can choose these with bright colors and interesting shapes.

  1. Make Use Of The Mirrors

Once you place mirrors in a strategic fashion, they can become decoration pieces as well as practical additions to your apartment. These will reflect more light from those tiny windows, making your rooms seem much more cheerful.

Ever noticed how tiny cafes usually have some sort of mirror installed inside? These are great for making a room seem larger. Try it out; you’ll add a touch of elegance to your place at the same time.

  1. Decorate With Lots Of Plants

Apartment dwellers might not have a garden. But they can always fulfill their passion for greenery by bringing in natural plants and flowers. While living in Atelier apartments, you may look up for options like aloe vera as these don’t require much upkeep. Plus, such plants can improve air quality and provide you with a natural beauty treatment.

If you have a green thumb, you can move on to more delicate plants, perhaps even keep a window box for your kitchen herbs. If not, fake plants can also look great if you’re careful to choose realistic ones.

Finally, make your plant collection interesting by displaying house plants in a unique way. You can also consider hanging up some plants in lightbulbs, watering cans, or hand-painted ceramic pots.

  1. Select Interesting Textiles

If you can’t paint your walls and don’t have many frames, another option to beautify your apartment is to get a colorful rug. You might have a beautifully sequined cloth from your travels or an elegant knitted rug that goes with your décor. Hang it up on the wall for a unique and eye-catching texture. Even if you’ve chosen to live in one of the luxury apartments for rent in Glendale, you can invite the new neighbors and impress them with your interior design skills.

Wrapping Up

Leasing an apartment is now the norm for many millennials and even families. Though there might be limitations in what you can do with the place, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t personalize it. After all, you’ve paid for this roof over your head and it’s your right to make it feel like home. Try out one of the tips above today!