5 Classic Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

#5: Add Accents To Your Walls

A “wall accent” is a type of design that only goes on one wall – usually just one wall – of a room. And this design differs from that of the other walls in the room.

For example, you may have a four-wall room, and three of the walls in that room are painted a dark blue, and then, that fourth wall is painted a light green, which differs greatly from the blue, creating an “accented wall.”

However, our recommendations are a little different. Some of the best accents you can give your walls are things that drastically alter the appearance of the wall itself, and the design of it. These aren’t just cosmetic changes, these are big changes that introduce vibrancy and life to the wall – and the room – itself!

Stone accent walls are great because they turn one wall in that room into a beautiful stone design. There are many types of stone accents that you can install, and each one is beautiful! They are elegant and precise in their geometry, as well as rich and inviting, emanating a sense of nature and closeness with the Earth.

In a similar vein, wood wall panels remind us of the trees that were used to build much of the homes that we live in – this does depend on where you live, though – and they create the most beautiful patterns due to the complex textures of the wood itself.

#4: Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted furniture remains a trend, even to this day. While in today’s world, most furniture is manufactured in a factory, where it is mass-produced, handcrafted furniture is the exact opposite of that. Every piece is made by a human being, and everything is done with great care, great elegance, and great precision.

Some of the most classic pieces are those of the Amish. Amish furniture such as Amish bookcases and Amish kitchen hutches were made to last a very long time, for they were intended to be heirlooms. For that reason, they remain some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring pieces of handcrafted furniture around.

#3: Add Personality To Your Decor

Wall murals and custom canvas prints are two excellent ways to add some personality, some life, to your decor! You can find custom wall murals all over the place, and they are, essentially, works of art that you can place around your home. They make your home a lot more inviting, and a lot less clinical and sterile. Instead, your home is your home, and it looks and feels that way!

Big canvas prints are prints that you send to a printer, and this printer specializes in taking images and blowing them up into a big, beautiful poster, so that you can place it wherever you desire! You can do this with family photos, photographs that you’ve taken, art that you’ve made, and just about anything else!

#2: A Floor That Lasts

This is a classic because EVERYONE needs a floor that will last. A durable, strong, properly engineered set of floors is necessary for any home.

One of the best types of flooring – if not the best – you can install is engineered hardwood flooring. This remains a classic choice because of the fact that this kind of flooring is made up of multiple layers that form a strong and extraordinarily durable base. This means that it can withstand A LOT of pressure.

#1: Mirrors

Mirrors are always a great choice! They take a small space, and they make it seem larger, due to using the mirrors to reflect different portions of the space. And, they come in many different sizes and forms, ensuring that you will find one that speaks to you! On top of that, they are also inexpensive and easy to find!