4 Best Ways To Clean Your Sofa

It is inevitable that the sofas will get dirty over time and needs occasional cleaning. The crumbs of food, drinks spillage, and even the pet’s dander get into the cracks of the sofas, and it requires cleaning. There are four ways to clean the couches and make them clean and bright.

Method 1 – Pre-cleaning the sofa

Before the deep cleaning of the couches, you need to remove the debris and dirt particles from the surface of the couch. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa. Remove all cushion covers and sofas covers before using the vacuum.

The sofas usually have exposed areas of hard surfaces like wood, and other materials. Use an appropriate liquid cleaner to clean the hard surfaces.

Method 2- Cleaning a Fabric Sofa with water-based detergent power and steam cleaner  

The fabric of a sofa like this can be cleaned with a fabric conditioner and detergent dissolved in fresh water. Start by testing the fabric, to see if there is discoloration or not. If there is no such problem, clean all the fabrics.  

Method 3- Dry clean the fabric of a sofa

Most fabrics of a sofa may require dry cleaning. Find a good dry cleaner service nearby your residential area and give the fabrics for a dry cleaning process. They will thoroughly dry clean the fabric using special chemicals and equipment, thus, removing stains from the fabric as much as possible.  

Method 4- Cleaning the leather sofa

A leather sofa can be easily clean using a moist cloth on a regular basis. But occasionally an in-depth cleaning process should be done to give the leather sofa more shine and sheen to it. Harsh chemicals can damage the leather sofas very easily. Hence, it is recommended to buy cleaning products that are specifically designed to clean the leather sofas. You can even make a cleaning solution at home.

Just mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a bowl. Apply this homemade cleaner directly to the surface of the leather sofa, and clean with a moist cloth. Then allow it to dry under the fan. The leather sofa can be conditioned too. Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of flax oil. Rub it on the couch and let the solution rest on the sofa overnight or for eight hours. Then rub the sofa with a dry cloth, and this gives it a new shiny look.

Sofas are very cosy places to sit on and enjoy some relaxation time. They are usually in our living rooms. It is exposed to dirt and dander on a daily basis. Hence, to maintain the sofas and give it a clean look, some regular cleaning is necessary. Apart from the deep cleaning the sofas occasionally is also very important.

Cleaning your sofa on your own can be simplified if you choose the right one. Nevertheless, you can follow the above guidelines to clean the couches occasionally in a proper way. Wring techniques of cleaning can be harmful and damages the couches, which we never want.