3 Easy Decor Tips When Living in a Leased Apartment

So, you’re ready to start renovating your leased apartment. If you intend to move to the LA area, either you moved into the luxury apartments for rent DTLA has to offer or maybe you chose the suburbs because Hercules apartments are conveniently located near Bart and Freeway 80 so commuting is a breeze.

Whatever the situation may be, just know that it’s possible to decorate your leased apartment quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. Nobody wants the sink and arm and a leg into an apartment that they do not own. So if you feel this way, you should really pay close attention to our suggestions because we will help you spruce up the place without spending a small fortune to help your landlord.

3 Easy Decor Tips When Living in a Leased Apartment

Tip #1: Repaint the Apartment Yourself

First of all, depending on the terms of your lease, you might not be allowed to repaint your apartment. So definitely comb through your lease to find out if repainting the place as possible based on your agreement.

If it is, you can really make your apartment look a heck of a lot better quite dramatically by adding new colors and paint. Even if painting the place isn’t mentioned in your lease, you should talk to your landlord to find out if he or she says it’s okay.

Guess what? If you go to the hardware store and purchase the paint yourself, you can repaint your new place for a fraction of the cost that you’d spend hiring an expert. And while you’re at it, recruit your closest family members and friends to help you with this overhaul.

By approaching painting this way, you’ll be able to change the colors of your apartment and make it look amazing and do it by yourself with your closest friends to save real money in the process.

Tip #2: Make Your Apartment Look Bigger with Mirrors

Sometimes people feel upset or overwhelmed with their leased apartment because it looks and feels too small. Well, we can’t do anything about the size because your apartment is going to be as big as it’s going to be. But we can help you make it look bigger to the untrained eye, which is often enough to make someone feel better about their small apartment situation.

To enhance your space, hang mirrors or place them all around your apartment. The mirrors reflect the image of the room and it tricks the eye into thinking that the rooms are much bigger than they actually are. If your apartment is really small, you’ll love this tip and technique because it will make it look and feel so much bigger.

Tip #3: Change the Doorknobs and Handles

Nobody ever said you have to completely shred your apartment to pieces and put up new cabinets and doors. This is only a lease, so you should never go too crazy redecorating because you don’t actually own the place and you’ll probably end up moving out sooner rather than later.

Instead, take a look at all of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets throughout the apartment and pay close attention to the handles. Are they old and worn out? Do they look ugly? Think about going to the hardware store and purchasing new handles so you can replace the old, worn-out, and ugly ones in your apartment right now.

What about the doorknobs? How do they look? If they are not to your liking, you could always take them off and completely replace them as well. And remember to do this work yourself because it’s a lot cheaper this way and you’ll feel good about yourself when you tackle this project.

Clearly, decorating your leased apartment and making it look amazing is going to be much easier than you may have originally assumed. We have shared some excellent tips with you in this regard today. So please use our valuable information to make the most of your new leased apartment and make it look absolutely stunning. Your friends, family members, and neighbors will be completely impressed once they finally see your new place.