What to Look for When Buying a Good Bathrobe?

Bath time is one of the most relaxing time of the day, and most people look forward to it. You have spent your day running errands and managing cumbersome duties at work, but a dip in warm water can help you unwind and rejuvenate. However, you would want to carry this relaxation as you transition to your post-bath rituals. It can be very annoying when you have a towel tied around your waist, but it fails to give you that comfortable coverage that you need to feel cozy and warm.

The water dripping from your wet hair on your body adds further to the discomfort, especially when the weather is more relaxed and you need to feel warm. No matter how good a towel is, they are at the end of the, an unstitched sheet and can barely provide you the cover you are looking for. Even if you somehow do manage to wrap it all over, you will have to use your one hand to hold it together and keep it from slipping constantly. This is where bathrobes can become your ultimate lifesaver.  


Many people today prefer bathrobes to not only feel cozy and comfortable after a bath at home, but also to take it along at their spa so that they can feel at home in their own garment without having to use one of the shared ones at the spas. Moreover, bathrobes tend to have that luxurious feel to it. However, what most people ignore is that you cannot just go and pick any robe off the rack. If you are buying a robe for the feel-good experience and the style, then it is important that you consider a few things before you make your purchase.

The Fabric

Remember that the reason why you are taking a bathrobe around your wet body is that you need it to absorb the moisture adequately and to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Most cheap robes that are made out of low-grade cotton or higher concentration of polyester often perform very poorly when it comes to water absorbency; They also tend to shred their yarn and lose their weave after a few washes and the fabric becomes stiff and rough for your skin.

The best robes are those made out of fine Egyptian or Turkish cotton, but not everyone wants to invest in something that pricey. If you do not mind a slight drift from pure cotton, you can go for a microfleece blend with 15% polyester mixed with cotton. This fabric is not only very durable and does not lose its shine or size after wash but also gives you a very nice fit around your body.

The Weave

It is a common myth that the softness and the comfort level of a robe are primarily driven by the material it is made off. What most people are not aware of is that the fabric alone cannot do much to give you the right feel. The structure can only pull off the job when it is combined with the correct weave. If you are looking for a highly absorbent and a plush wrap and want to stick to pure cotton bathrobes only, Terry cloth bathrobes would be your best bet. Alternatively, if you are looking for something lighter that will have some style and shape, waffle weaves are the best option.