Typical Tasks That A Chainsaw Can Tackle At Home

While it is true that majority of the people that use chainsaws use them for a slightly different task, most homeowners won’t be needing a huge industrial chainsaw. For keeping your yard neat and beautiful, you will just be needing a chainsaw that is easy to handle and manage.

To make your job easier and less daunting, we have taken out time to list out some of the best chainsaws models that will serve you better. For clarity, we will be grouping them into two groups so you can easily choose the one you need.  

Chainsaw for little task around your yard

If the jobs you want to execute are small, any of the chainsaws below will serve you right:

  • WORX WG 303.1 16-inch Electric Chainsaw
  • DEWALT DCCS690H1 16-inch 40 Volt Electric Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 440E 16-inch Gas Chainsaw

Medium or large tasks around your property or home

If the task you want to execute with a chainsaw is medium or large, then you will need a chainsaw that is more sophisticated than the one you use for small jobs. Below are a few types that would be nice for such jobs:

  • TIMBERPRO 62CC 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw
  • Remington RM5118R 51CC 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 450 50.2CC 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

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Typical Jobs at home that can be done with a chainsaw

There are a number of tasks that can be easily executed at home with the help of a chainsaw. The list below shows you the jobs a chainsaw can handle for you at home.

  • For felling of trees. Chainsaw is used to cut down trees that are 20 feet and below tall. If the tree is above 20 feet, then it will be safe for you to get professional hands to handle the task for you. Cutting down of trees is required especially when you have trees that are almost falling down around your yard or property. It could also be that the trees are diseased or you just want to create more space for other purposes.
  • Limbing Trees. A chainsaw can help to keep your trees in good health by removing dead or diseased limbs from the tree. This helps to ensure that no branch of the tree is overcrowded.
  • For cutting or bucking logs around. A chainsaw can help you with firewood or other materials for the production of benches or stump seat. You can easily convert the trees and limbs you have cut down into this materials. Simply put, bucking is the act of converting felled wood into logs. You can accomplish this easily with the help of a chainsaw.
  • Pruning. This is the process of reshaping your tree to your taste to ensure it’s in good health. This can be done with the help of a chainsaw.

Mill Timber. If there are big trees that are felled in your area and you want to boards or slabs from them, a chainsaw is the tool that you would need to accomplish that.