Area Rug Style Spotlight: Southwestern and Navajo Area Rugs

Navajo Area Rugs vs Southwestern Area Rugs

The Navajo people are a tribe of Native American residing in the United States and South America. They are one of the largest and oldest tribes of Native Americans. They are responsible for many types of art, style, and culture throughout the last 100 or more years. One of the most prized pieces of art coming from the Navajo tribe are their intricate and beautiful area rugs. For the Navajo people, area rugs represent not only a form of self-expression, but also have an extremely practical purpose as well. Area rugs have been used by the Navajo people to line the floors of their teepees to help insulate and keep the Navajo people warm during the winters.


Navajo area rugs have become an extremely valuable and prized export. People seek out these rugs for their beauty and the history behind these handmade rugs. Southwestern rugs is another term you may often hear alongside Navajo rugs. Southwestern rugs are different in a few ways. Mainly, Southwestern rugs is more of a broad term. Navajo rugs are very specific, but Navajo rugs are also considered Southwestern. Southwestern area rugs also includes rugs from many other Native American tribes as well as rugs inspired by Native American rugs or made in collaboration with Native American rugs.

Both Southwestern and Navajo area rugs are exceptionally rare and highly prized for their beauty. If you are considering adding either to your home then you may want to just fully to commit to the path of Southwestern style and outfit your entire home. Be warned, once you start, it may be hard to climb your way out of this rabbit hole. Of course, it is possible to combine more modern aesthetics with these classic styles. Many people are choosing to dip their feet in by just adding intricate patterns reminiscent of Native American style to their interior design.

The Navajo people are so full of spirit that’s pretty obvious why they spur such intrigue. Also, their artwork is bold and original and it will quickly become obvious why their rugs are so popular in modern interior design. I believe people today are inundated with such mass produced consumer products that they crave something as complex and full of history as Navajo rugs. They are so steeped in culture that bringing one or a few into your home is an easy way to tap into that and also pay your respects to the people that came before us.

It’s no wonder why Navajo rugs can be so expensive. Many of the authentic rugs produced by master weavers are among some of the most expensive rugs on the market. However, lucky for us, southwestern rugs are a way to enjoy many of the same elements that people love of Navajo rugs without the high price tag. So if you’re looking to add a little pizazz or just something special to your home then I would seriously consider giving southwestern or Navajo rugs a look. Also, if you find yourself in the Southwest United States, watching a Navajo weaver at work is an experience you won’t soon forget.