Advanced Guide to Writing an Amazing Newspaper Article from Scratch

As exciting as writing articles in a newspaper is, it is crucial you understand what editorial essay means. If you regularly read newspapers, you may have noticed a column usually reserved for editors. It is a small part of the print that allows interested editors to share personal ideas or information concerning any topic generally on social issues. 

However, you need to do a lot of research to have the confidence to feature an article in the editorial section. Your goal is to present and describe a problem to proffer practical solutions that will benefit stakeholders and readers. For instances, when you write about sexual harassment at the workplace, your article should contain enough current data to convince both professionals and people who either molest others or who suffer the harassment of that nature.  

Your motive should be to make your voice heard by the local governments and other agencies concerned with the welfare of the people. Bearing your target audience in mind and providing reliable data make editorial essay similar to a research paper. If you have done a great job in your college paper, writing an editorial essay may be a walkover for you. 

Types of Editorial Essay

Editorials are described based on their purpose instead of their nature. Here are some examples to get you started. 

#1. Criticism 

Any good writer knows the importance of critical thinking in literary work. You can write an editorial to criticize an idea or a wrong view held by people over a long time. The end goal is to give advice or suggest a line of action, but the point is to make people have a better understanding of the problem under discussion. 

Criticism should only happen when you have in mind to improve the already existing literary content. This is done positively and should not condemn or negatively portray someone’s idea. 

#2. Persuasion

Unlike editorial criticism, writing to persuade is aimed at providing better solutions to a problem and giving less focus on the nature of the problem. The introduction to such an essay is often compelling and comes with a call to action. This type of editorial is effective in presenting and promoting a political figure in the eye of the public. 

 It is also used to convince either the public or government about an issue that is either pressing or needs government attention. 

Persuasion should not be sales. It should persuade not coarse and should be professional enough to convey the right message. 

#3. Explanation, Description, and Interpretation

As an editorial column writer, you have to take a stance on a topic or a current issue. The chosen argument should be sensitive, appealing, and debatable. Writing on a dull and uninspiring topic will attract no reader. Choose a topic that has a profound impact on the community. An example is interpreting a recent change of focus in the national or provincial education in your country. 

Descriptive can also be used to inform the public on issues that have happened in the past, current problems or issues that could occur in the future.  It is used to also entertain the audience by offering them something new, exciting, and educative.


Tips on Writing a Persuasive Editorial Essay

In a world where social media, digital marketing, and search engine optimization are the order of the day, your choice of newspaper is the number tip you have to keep at the back of your mind. Choose a company whose copies do not go below 100,000 copies per day and whose readership runs into millions. Those type of newspapers are known to feature relevant topics, hence the growing number of readers. 

Write on topics which generate conversation and feedback from readers. Most readers buy newspapers just to read the editorial column and to have something to ponder on for the rest of the day. Working around a debatable topic provides them with something to reflect on while at work or at home.

You have a decision to make when faced with an important topic. It is expected that you choose and write on a specific side of a current issue. This gives you more space to provide enough evidence to back up your perspective. You can approach an editorial piece from any angle as long as you aim to expose a problem and offer a solution. So, test the effectiveness of each solution before making it public. 

When writing an editorial essay, you should always think about your audience. They are not only knowledgeable but may also be informed on the topic you are about to present to them. You must make sure you choose a topic that adds value to the already existing knowledge your audience has. Your English structure and vocabulary should be near perfect. Make sure you go through your draft, over and over again. 

It’s essential to get your content ready by ensuring it’s grammatically and structurally correct. You should spend a good time going through your finished work and also have someone else to proofread for errors and modifications before you submitted to your chief editor for approval.

Involving the third eye will go a long way to help you perfect your writing.

The following professional tips will help you write an essay or article for a newspaper that would bring you public recognition. Follow the tips, and the editors of your newspaper will be happy to have you on their team.